Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Homework challenge: 20k bike ride

On Saturday I did a 20km bike ride around Mount Somers with my mum and the Laing family and another family. We biked through a field of long grass and a riverbed and lots of up hill.  I came 8th in the under 18 girls category.
 I showed  Excellence try your best because I kept saying I can´t do it but then I told myself I can do it. I also showed to be a positive role model because all the kids that were struggling I encouraged.

We had to bike up a lot of hills. At one point I thought I was going to fall off my bike because it was downhill  and very bumpy. We also biked past this building it had a hill sized pile of sand and all I wanted to do was go and climb up it. There was also this deer that was running in a paddock with a gate open because the racers had to come out there, the deer just jumped through a 20 by 20 cm gap in the fence and it was fine, it acted like nothing happened .

(Me and Maddy getting ready to race)

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