Sunday, 7 May 2017

Homework challenge #3 garage band

One of the homework challenges are makeing a song on garage band. I thought I love music so I can do that. I was inspierd by Guns n´ Roses intro of sweet child o´ mine. I love what I have created on garage band. I wish you could listen to it but we can't connect it to this blog post. I showed Active thinking because I thought how I wanted it to sound like.

Visual Language

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Homework challenge #5

We went through my closet and toys. I found some clothes and toys that I can give away. I gave some stuff to my friend and she loved them. I also donated some clothes and toys to the salvation army. We also went through our towel cupboard and found some old towels, we donated them to the SPCA so they could use them for the animals there. Here are some photos. I showed community because I helped my local SPCA by giving them some towels.
 (This one is the stuff we gave to my friend)

 (Me standing outside the SPCA)

 (All the stuff we gave to the Salvation Army)

 (Another one of all the stuff we donated)

My Favourite Book From Term 1

Drama is about a teenager called Callie. Callie she likes theatre and acting. She volunteers to be apart of the stage crew for the play. She meets twin brothers Jesse and Justin that both love singing and acting but ones a bit shy. Callie becomes best friends with them. Her friend is encharge off all the costumes for the play. The school dance is coming up Callie went with Jesse, but he runs away. I really loved this book I rate it 10/10.