Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Peer Mediation week 5 merit post #2

Today Daniel T and I did Peer Mediation. We looked for Jade because she didn´t turn up but we could not find her so Daniel and I went to the middle playground to see if there were any problems. A year 3 girl came up to us and said she needed help. She said her friend Ella hit her so we went and found Ella. We introduced ourselves, we told them the rules you have to follow, they agreed. They told us each side of the story , we asked them what could you do to solve this. They said they could apologise to each other, they were happy with the idea and they went and played nicely together.

I think I showed Respect Listen respectfully because I was listening carefully and not fiddling with anything and also showed excellence try your best because I tried my best to help them and we succeeded. 

Peer Mediation week 4 merit post #1

Tuesday lunchtime I did Peer Mediation with Jade and Daniel T.  We were walking around the junior area so we could be seen if anyone needed help. We noticed a group of boys that were raising their voices they looked angry with each other. We asked them if they needed any help they said yes. First we told them the rules, if they wanted our help they needed to have turns at speaking, no interrupting and to not walk away while being helped, they agreed. We asked for each of them to tell us their side of the story but as they finished telling us what happened the bell rang.

 I showed Community because I was being aware of others because I was aware that the were mad and Respect because I listened respectfully to each of them.