Thursday, 9 March 2017

Merit post week 6 #2 Run, Bike, Run

On Wednesday the Kauri team walked to Westlake. I was in a team with Tanika, Tanika did the first run, I did the bike ride and we both did the end run. On the last run I was so tired that Tanika had to hold my helmet because I forgot to take my helmet off. We came 5th out of all the teams in our age group. Our team name is A.T.G.N it stands for Amber, Tanika, Glenday, Nolan. After the race my mum brought down a chocolate donut and we halved it, it was delishious!

I showed Respect others differences because I cheered people on when they were struggling. I was also  being aware of others because I respected that there was also public using the park and try your best because I tried my best and I didn´t give up.

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