Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Peer Mediation week 7 merit post #3

On Tuesday I did Peer Mediation with Daniel T and Tanika because jade didn´t turn up. We looked for Jade but we couldn´t find her so Tanika filled in. We went to the middle playground there were no problems,then the junior playground. A little girl came up to us and said that her friend was jumping of the tower. We asked the same girl what the problem was? and she said ¨she was scared of her friend that was jumping of. I said she will be fine see watch her jump off. The little girl jumped of I was like whoa!!! (even though she only jumped of a tower that was 1 meter high).

I showed Respect because I was aware that others were playing games around me. I also showed  Excellence  engorged the girl who was jumping off the tower and I supported the friend and said that her friend was alright.

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