Thursday, 6 July 2017

Excellance leadership post #8

On Thursday the year 7/8 hub go to tech which is at Lincoln primary. This term I'm doing Science. Today we went outside and did the mentos and diet coke experiment we put 7 metoses to 2 liters of diet coke I have to say it went about 5 meters in the air I was totally not expecting it. We did use this thing that is like a tube and it drops the mentos in all at the same time and it also has a hole at the top so it comes out. We looked at what causes this reaction  Image result for diagram about how the mentos and diet coke
the causes the mentos to open up and fizz and that's what causes the reaction.

I showed Community because I did not step in the coke after ward and get it in the classroom. I also showed Excellence because I listened in Science. so then I would gather info about it.

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