Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Excellance homework challenge #4

Offer to help around home 10 times with out being asked.
I helped fold up papers twice for a paper round for my friends while we were staying at their house.
I looked after my Nana's puppy Millie when they went on holiday.
I emptied the dish washer twice when we where in Dunedin staying with friends.
I dried the dishes after mum had made cheese scones.
I also helped do my brothers paper round when it was raining so he could get it done faster.
I cleaned both toilets to help mum in the holidays when she had lots of work to do.
I also helped clean my friends room when I went for a sleepover.
Lastly I cleaned my bathroom including the bath, mirror and sink without being asked to surprise my mum.
I showed respect by helping other people with their jobs. I also showed motivation because I showed my friends it can be fun to clean.

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