Saturday, 3 June 2017

leadership blog-Excellance post #2

On Friday my class (Mrs Stinsons) do gardening and cooking. I did gardening this week with Tanika if we are not doing cooking we pair up with someone else to do it with. We also get paired up with 2 little kids each but we all work together. This week we planted cabbage seedlings with James, Alec, Annabelle and Lilly. I showed leadership by showing them how to plant the seedling first so I didn't have to teach them individually. We also took them to see the compost bin and told them some facts and what you should and shouldn't put in the compost bin. I also told them some facts about worms.

After we had finished the planting it was time to go and see the food the cooks had made the made fejoa ice cream and rhubarb topping that we had with the ice cream It was Delicious!

I showed Respect because I respected that they were not the best at planting, I also enguraged them and said they did a good job.

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