Friday, 7 June 2013


We are learning to recount events that happened in the past.

We know we can do this when we can:
·    Follow the Writing Process
·    Have a title
·    Write: an orientation telling when, who, what and where the event happened, a     sequence of events using and a personal comment to conclude the recount
·    Use the past tense
·    Use a lot of different descriptive words to make our recount more interesting
·    Start my sentences in different ways

Amber's Voice - "I used lots of descriptive words.  I learnt my to start my story with a question.  I love my story." 

Next Step: Edit my work for correct punctuation and meaning and then publish my stories."

By Amber

Have you ever woken up on a cold winter’s day?  I have.  I ran down the cold stairs.   I looked out the window.  It was snowing.  I ran up the steps then I got into my warm clothes.  I went outside.  It was cold.  Then I ran inside.  I got a hot chocolate. Suddenly I heard a ‘sh sh sh’.  It was the snow coming down!  I made a sparkly snowman with my brother Reuben.  The snowman had a shiny black hat and a stripy wool scarf.  He had a smiley face made from a banana and blue eyes made from stones.  The wind blew the scarf around like a tornado.  The snow on the ground looked like a sparkly white blanket.  My dog came out and knocked the snowman over.  I felt sad so I built an igloo and the dog went inside it.  Then it started hailing and hailstones hit my head, OUCH!  I ran inside as fast as a cheetah.  It was awesome day.

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