Monday, 10 April 2017

Peer Mediation Week 10 Merit Post #5

Today it was an inside lunch and Morning tea so I didn´t do my Peer Mediation but I did wet day monitors because the year 6´s (who usually do it) are on camp. Being a wet day monitor is very similar to a Peer Mediator, they both guide people. All the year 4 rooms are a different noise level room 6 is a silent zone. The problem was that I had to tell people to be quiet multiple times because they kept talking. I was drawing with Annabella on her scratchy pad thing that when you scratched it the black stuff came of and revealed lots of different colours it was so fun I was still keeping track of the kids in room 6 as well.

I showed Respect because I was aware that the concrete was wet and I walked so I did not slip while going over there. Also because it was a silent zone and I respected that other people wanted no noise.

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